Investigation Launched Over the Bulk Purchase of Oxycodone – French Tribune

If you are in the habit of purchasing stuff in bulk, then it is high time for you to get alert as recently the US Drug Enforcement Agency has launched an investigation over those who are purchasing the painkillers on bulk.

The authorities were forced to take up the task of launching an investigation by the manifold increase in the supply and (more…)

DEA Inspects Oviedo Walgreens in Oxycodone probe – WFTV Orlando

OVIEDO, Fla. —

An Oviedo Walgreens is under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration because of an increase in the number of oxycodone pills the pharmacy was ordering.

The Walgreens, located on Lockwood Boulevard in Oviedo, was one of six pharmacies in Florida recently served with a federal warrant. The investigation comes after agents noticed a huge rise in the amount of oxycodone (more…)

DEA inspecting 6 Walgreens in oxycodone probe – Sun-Sentinel

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said on Friday it is inspecting six Walgreens pharmacies and its distribution center in Florida, after the agency noticed a jump in purchases of the highly addictive pain killer oxycodone.

The DEA issued inspection warrants on Wednesday to Walgreens’ distribution center in Jupiter and to stores in Hudson, Port Richey, Oviedo, Fort Myers and two stores in (more…)