WATCH: Little Rock police release video of woman robbing Walgreens of oxycodone – Arkansas…

Little Rock police have released a surveillance video showing a robbery that happened Sunday when a woman walked into a Walgreens and demanded the pharmacist give her a bottle of oxycodone pills while claiming it was for her sick mother.

The pharmacist told police a short, white woman with dark sunglasses came into the store on Bowman Road in west Little Rock (more…)

Do you know this Oxycodone bandit? –

Police in Manheim Township, Lancaster County, are attempting to identify a man who got away with pain killers during a pharmacy robbery on Tuesday.

The robbery occurred at abut 8:15 p.m., at the Walgreens along the 1200 block of the Lititz Pike, police said.

Investigators said the man “presented a note to an employee at the pharmacy stating it was a robbery and (more…)

Oxycodone Ruse Fails for Nashua Man: Police

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Oxycodone Ruse Fails for Nashua Man: Police
NASHUA, NH — A Nashua man was arrested Monday and charged with using a fake prescription to obtain oxycodone at Walgreens. Police said on Jan. 27, Sean Melvin, 21, tried the ruse at the Walgreens at 283 Main St. Pharmacy staff called police.

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Oxycodone Ruse Fails for Nashua Man: Police