Federal jury convicts New York man involved in oxycodone distribution ring – vtdigger.org

A federal jury in Burlington convicted a New York man for his role in a scheme to sell opiate painkillers in Vermont over the course of six years.

Michael Foreste, known as “Beast,” was convicted 10 charges last week for working with a group of several others, including New York City police officer Andre Clarke, to traffic oxycodone pills to Vermont between (more…)

New York Man Sent Bags Of Skittles With Oxycodone To 2-Month-Old Baby – Headlines &…

By Oulimata Ba | Jul 23, 2014 06:04 PM EDT


The DEA caught a Long Island resident who was mailing bags of skittles addressed to the infant niece of one of his clients. (Photo : Wikipedia )

A New York man was busted for narcotics trafficking when authorities caught him sending bags of skittles filled with oxycodone pills through the mail, (more…)

Man Busted For Smuggling Oxycodone In Skittles Bags To Baby – Daily Caller

A Long Island man was arrested for smuggling oxycodone pills in Skittles bags to a two-month-old baby in Vermont, the New York Daily News reports.

Michael Foreste, known as the “Taste the Rainbow” peddler, was sending the pills to a client in Vermont. The baby is the client’s niece.

But little did Foreste know that his client, Dannis Hackney was actually cooperating with (more…)