Police seize cocaine, oxycodone during two separate drug busts – CTV News

Police arrested two men and seized a quantity of cocaine and other drugs after two separate busts in London on Friday.

Members of the Guns and Drugs Section conducted a traffic stop and subsequently executed a search warrant on Ridout Street on Friday.

Police seized:

– 233 grams of cocaine worth $23,300

– 149 grams of cutting agent worth $100

–  40 grams of marihuana worth (more…)

Hospital & Prescription Series – OxC – Oxycodone – Binaural Beat – AJBBB

One of the most abused prescription drugs in the US, Oxycodone is a strong pain reliever that can cause euphoria and sedate you. ~~~~—————————————————————…


Fears raised of heroin epidemic in UK as use of painkiller oxycodone rise – International…

2011 moneyball

Philip Seymour Hoffman was allegedly addicted to using a mixture of oxycodone and heroin(Reuters)

A thinktank is claiming that Britain could succumb to a new heroin crisis, after releasing figures showing that prescriptions of an opioid-based painkiller have risen substantially here.

Oxycodone is an opioid derived from thebaine, which in turn is extracted from opium poppies. It was developed in Germany during the (more…)