Biotech Hits 11-Year High On Potential To Dethrone Oxycodone – Investor’s Business Daily

Nektar Therapeutics (NKTR) stock soared more than 40% to an 11-year high Monday after unveiling strong data for a pain-relief pill that could be an alternative to the potentially addictive oxycodone.

In a phase three study of 600 patients, Nektar’s drug, known as NKTR-181, significantly improved chronic low back pain vs. a placebo in patients never treated with an opioid. The trial (more…)

IntelliPharmaCeutics CEO Dr. Issa Odidi on preventing overdose death from Oxycodone,…

James West:    Dr. Odidi, thank you for joining us today.

Dr. Isa Odidi: Thank you very much for having me, and thanks to all the listeners out there, all those who are looking at this online or through whatever medium. Thanks.

James West:    Let’s start with an overview of what is the value proposition for investors in Intellipharmaceutics?

Dr. Isa Odidi: Basically, the (more…)

Intellipharmaceutics Oxycodone Program to Prevent Overdose –

Intellipharmaceutics International (IPCI Snapshot Report) announced that it has technologically upgraded its Rexista oxycodone development program to prevent overdose when tablets in excess of the prescribed dose are swallowed. Patents pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office cover the company’s new platform technology, PODRAS. The abuse-deterrent oxycodone is being developed to treat moderate-to-severe pain in situations requiring long-term use (more…)