East Stroudsburg Woman charged with fatally dosing granddaughter, 4 with … – Pocono…

An East Stroudsburg woman is charged with giving a 4-year-old girl she was raising an oxycodone dose that proved fatal in May.

A cooperative Mary Winbush, 57, turned herself in and was arraigned Tuesday on charges including “drug delivery resulting in death,” “involuntary manslaughter” and “endangering a child’s welfare.” Looking sad and tired and sounding laryngitic, Winbush sat quietly in Stroudsburg District (more…)

Feds: Dr. Carmine Mandarano charged with illegal oxycodone distribution – Newsday

A 61-year-old doctor from Northport faces arraignment in U.S. District Court Thursday on charges he wrote hundreds of patient prescriptions for oxycodone pills, as well as other controlled substances, “without a legitimate medical purpose,” according to a federal complaint.

Dr. Carmine Mandarano, who (more…)

Six-Time Convicted Thief Busted By Richfield Police For Shoplifting, Drug …

An Eagan woman has been charged with stealing more than $1,400 worth of merchandise from Target in Richfield, and having 64 oxycodone tablets in her possession when she was arrested.

Paige LaVonne Jones-Smith, also known as Paige LaVonne Cox, 25, is charged with two felonies: fifth-degree drug possession, which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine, (more…)