Proposed Law Would Revise Sentencing for Oxycodone Trafficking – New Times Broward-Palm…

A limited but significant revision of sentencing guidelines for certain nonviolent drug crimes will be taken up by the Florida Senate this week. Another crack in the wall of Stone Age attitudes about drugs and criminal justice — even here in Florida — the proposal has bipartisan support and a chance of passage.

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Senate (more…)

Boynton Beach couple charged with trafficking – Sun-Sentinel

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies say Kayla and Ricky Ramsey combined their efforts and duped at least two Boynton Beach pharmacies out more than 100 Oxycodone pills.

Married in 2010, the couple now stands charged with trafficking Oxycodone, according to a Sheriff’s Office report.

The road to the couple’s arrest began on Sept. 19, when Kayla Ramsey, 24, called the CVS pharmacy (more…)

Royal Palm Beach nurse charged with trafficking in oxycodone – Palm Beach Post

When a pharmacist at the Walgreens on Royal Palm Beach Boulevard in August declined Heather Carmichael’s prescription for 90 hydrocodone pills, the 42-year-old became nervous.

The licensed nurse practitioner sent a text message to her boss, Dr. Christopher Devine, apologizing, saying that she was helping her sister who doesn’t have insurance, authorities said.

She offered to work every one of her days off (more…)