NYC doctor arrested for allegedly writing 14,000 unnecessary … – Mic – Mic

A New York City doctor was arrested on Monday for allegedly handing out thousands of unnecessary painkiller prescriptions — despite knowing that some of his patients were hooked on the addictive opioid drugs.

According to the New York Daily News, 81-year-old Dr. Martin Tesher allegedly wrote in excess of 14,000 unnecessary oxycodone prescriptions over the course of almost five years. Authorities told (more…)

Doc arrested for illegally prescribing millions of oxycodone pills – New York Post

An Upper East Side doctor ​was busted by federal authorities Monday, accused of feeding his patients’ addiction to powerful painkillers.

​Dr. ​Martin Tesher ​is charged with prescribing 2.2 million oxycodone pills to patients without a legitimate medical purpose – including those he knew were addicted to the powerful pain killer.

The millions of pills were doled out among 14,000 illegal scripts that ​the (more…)

Medical Marijuana and Oxycodone Are Like Apples and Oranges – The Arkanas Traveller

Today I found myself drawn to an article in the health section of Fox News. I knew I would find the content incendiary but I read it anyway. The body of this article reported and commented on the results of a poll, which found that a majority of adults consider marijuana to be a safer painkiller alternative to prescription opioids, except (more…)