Family GPs hooked on scripts for painkiller OxyContin – Herald Sun

Although highly addictive, doctors are describing oxycodone to manage ailments such as back pain. Source: HWT Image Library

DOCTORS have been accused of over-prescribing the highly addictive painkiller OxyContin. Scripts for the opioid analgesic, which stimulates the release of “feel good” chemical dopamine, have soared in the past five years.

Latest figures from Medicare Australia show 2,611,531 dosages of oxycodone hydrochloride (more…)

Criminals go to desperate measures for Oxycodone – WCBD

Video just released by North Charleston Police confirms there is a serial bandit on the loose.

“Criminals that get involved in acts like that are so deranged by the substances that they’re abusing that they don’t make rational decisions,” Dr. Baron Nason of Nason’s Medical Center said.

Irrational decisions like robbing CVS employees with a knife in July, then again at gunpoint just (more…)

Five Pain Clinic Owners And Six Doctors Charged – LEX18 Lexington KY News

P[IKEVILLE – Federal indictments charge several pain clinic owners and doctors with making millions by illegally distributing prescription drugs to Kentuckians.

Between Friday and late Thursday afternoon, five indictments have been unsealed charging 22 defendants, including five pain clinic owners and six doctors, with offenses related to prescription drugs, money laundering and health care fraud.

One of the indictments alleges that Houston, Texas (more…)