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Lorcaserin, a prescription weight-loss pill decreases the urge to use opiates such as oxycodone, researchers have confirmed. Opiate abuse is a major public health problem and according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of deaths from prescription opiate overdose in America has quadrupled since 1999.

High relapse rates, and too few people remaining in treatment programs long (more…)

IntelliPharmaCeutics CEO Dr. Issa Odidi on preventing overdose death from Oxycodone,…

James West:    Dr. Odidi, thank you for joining us today.

Dr. Isa Odidi: Thank you very much for having me, and thanks to all the listeners out there, all those who are looking at this online or through whatever medium. Thanks.

James West:    Let’s start with an overview of what is the value proposition for investors in Intellipharmaceutics?

Dr. Isa Odidi: Basically, the (more…)

Ex-Northvale Podiatrist Sentenced For Selling Oxycodone | Wyckoff … – Wyckoff-Franklin…

A 65-year-old former podiatrist with a history of legal difficulties was sentenced Friday to 18 months in prison for illegally selling Oxycodone prescriptions for cash, authorities said.

The defendant, Frederick Weintraub, a resident of Upper Saddle River, N.J., was a podiatrist who wrote and sold multiple prescriptions for Oxycodone, an opiate and controlled substance, in a parking lot in Rockland County.

Weintraub, who (more…)