Doctor Indicted on Charges He Sold Oxycodone Prescriptions –

Doctor Indicted on Charges He Sold Oxycodone Prescriptions to Patients with No Legitimate Need for the Addictive Opioid Pills, Including Patients He Knew Were Drug Addicts or Drug Dealers Dr. Byung Kang faces first-degree charge for allegedly prescribing oxycodone that killed young man

TRENTON –Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino announced that a doctor from Passaic County has been indicted on charges that (more…)

Brunswick man granted probation in oxycodone possession case – Frederick News Post…

A Brunswick man can have an opiate possession charge stricken from his record after an investigation determined he had not been selling the drug.

Daniel James Buffington, 58, was granted probation before judgment Wednesday in Frederick County Circuit Court for possession of the painkiller oxycodone.

Probation before judgment allows Buffington to remove the charge from his record if he successfully completes his yearlong (more…)

Opioid-Era Parenting Diary: A Fraught Week With Oxycodone In Our House – WBUR

Steve Brown holds one of the Percocet pills his daughter was prescribed. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)
WBUR State House reporter Steve Brown shares the dread and dilemmas that a once-simple painkiller prescription creates for a parent in this time of high concern about opioid addiction.
Tuesday, Aug. 9, 1 PM
I just got back from the pharmacy with 14 oxycodone pills and I am very concerned about