Mobster John Gotti’s grandson gets eight years in prison for running a $1.6million…

Mobster John Gotti‘s namesake grandson has been sentenced to eight years in prison after pleading guilty to selling oxycodone pills in New York City.

The 23-year-old was arrested in August at the Queens home where his late grandfather once lived.

Gotti had been facing 25 years to life in jail before he pleaded guilty to the three drug-related charges in a plea (more…)

Federal jury convicts New York man involved in oxycodone distribution ring –

A federal jury in Burlington convicted a New York man for his role in a scheme to sell opiate painkillers in Vermont over the course of six years.

Michael Foreste, known as “Beast,” was convicted 10 charges last week for working with a group of several others, including New York City police officer Andre Clarke, to traffic oxycodone pills to Vermont between (more…)

Jury Convicted NYC Doctor for Being Massive Oxycodone Pusher – Legal Reader (blog)

Dr. Moshe Mirilishvili, age 67, did not have a good week last week. On Thursday, a federal jury in New York made sure of that when the jury convicted NYC doctor for being massive Oxycodone pusher. According to prosecutors, the Manhattan doctor wrote phony prescriptions for Oxycodone totaling over $36M over two years.

Mirilishvili’s trial lasted three weeks and the jury heard (more…)