L.I. Doctor Pleads Not Guilty In Oxycodone Case – WSHU

A Nassau County doctor has pleaded not guilty to federal charges of illegally distributing oxycodone to patients over a three-year period during which time two died from overdoses.

Dr. Michael Belfiore was first charged in 2014 for prescribing oxycodone six times without a legitimate medical need to an undercover Nassau County detective. At that time, he was released on $500,000 bond.

Belfiore was (more…)

Parents And Addiction Experts Call For I-STOP Legislation – Garden City Life

Maria Basmas recalls those heartbreaking words that her son, Christopher, spoke to her while he was in the throes of an addiction to prescription medication, specifically Xanax and Oxycodone. She recalls the painful ordeal that her family went through as her son struggled to do simple tasks that (more…)

Pill-Pushing Pharmacist Back At Work PIX11 Exclusive

LONG ISLAND, NY (PIX11)— The abuse of illegally-obtained prescription drugs has grown rapidly on Long Island – and even deadly.Last December, an ATF agent was killed during a botched robbery attempt at a pharmacy from a narcotic-searching gunman.Back in June of 2011, a Medford pharmacy was the scene of a bloodbath after David Laffer, an Oxycodone thriving gunman, killed four people.In (more…)