Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Deputies: Parents’ pill popping led to infant’s death; 2-year-old also tested positive for Benzo and Oxycodone

If you’re a pill-popping parent who believes that you can handle everything just fine — then think again.

Here’s another tragic reason pain pills and parenting don’t mix.

A Port Charlotte couple, Amber Rose Landry, 29, and Scott Paul Landry, 31, are finally behind bars. See photos below:



Last November deputies responded to a call about a non-responsive infant. The mom told dispatchers her (more…)

PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: County to release report card on prescription drug abuse… – North County Times

The county plans to release a “prescription drug-abuse report card” early next week with details about deaths, arrests, and emergency room visits involving prescription medication, officials announced Thursday.

The county’s multi-agency Prescription Drug Task Force, formerly called the Oxy Task Force, produced the report card, which officials planned to release Monday, county officials said. It will be the county’s first such report.

Authorities (more…)

California doctor ordered to trial on second-degree murder charges … – Orlando Sentinel

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A doctor accused of prescribing pain killers to three young men who died was ordered Tuesday to stand trial for second-degree murder in the overdose deaths.

Dr. Hsui-Ying “Lisa” Tseng is one of only a handful of doctors nationwide to be charged with murder related to prescription drugs.

The decision by Superior Court Judge M.L. Villar de Longoria to (more…)