Kostenko pleads not guilty to improperly distributing oxycodone – Beckley Register-Herald

During an arraignment hearing Friday morning in federal court in Beckley, U.S. Magistrate Omar Aboulhosn asked Dr. Michael Merritt Kostenko if he understood the charges against him. 

“Only in the broadest and most general sense,” replied Kostenko, who stood shackled and garbed in an orange jumpsuit. 

The judge proceeded to read aloud the 17 counts of knowingly and intentionally distributing oxycodone not for legitimate medical purposes, and (more…)

Man guilty of helping obtain 28K Oxycodone pills illegally – Tahlequah Daily Press

Authorities from the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics this week announced a Welling man was found guilty of drug conspiracy and interstate travel or transportation in the aid of racketeering enterprises. He’s accused of having a lead role in illegally obtaining some 28,000 Oxycodone pills in various states.

Federal jurors found Ian Alexander Bowline, 29, guilty and recommended he pay more than a (more…)