Pharmacist steals 58 oxycodone tablets a day – Pharmacy News

Pharmacist steals 58 oxycodone tablets a day

A young pharmacist has been reprimanded after he stole 58 oxycodone tablets a day from his workplace to feed a drug habit.

He’ll also need to get a Pharmacy Board-nominated psychiatrist to declare him fit to practice if he wants to return to work as a pharmacist.

The problem began in 2012 when the Victorian man, whose name is known to Pharmacy News, (more…)

Doc arrested for illegally prescribing millions of oxycodone pills – New York Post

An Upper East Side doctor ​was busted by federal authorities Monday, accused of feeding his patients’ addiction to powerful painkillers.

​Dr. ​Martin Tesher ​is charged with prescribing 2.2 million oxycodone pills to patients without a legitimate medical purpose – including those he knew were addicted to the powerful pain killer.

The millions of pills were doled out among 14,000 illegal scripts that ​the (more…)

Mobster John Gotti’s grandson gets eight years in prison for running a $1.6million…

Mobster John Gotti‘s namesake grandson has been sentenced to eight years in prison after pleading guilty to selling oxycodone pills in New York City.

The 23-year-old was arrested in August at the Queens home where his late grandfather once lived.

Gotti had been facing 25 years to life in jail before he pleaded guilty to the three drug-related charges in a plea (more…)