Boynton man charged with trafficking Oxycodone – Sun-Sentinel

Henery Lester, 31, of Boynton Beach

Henery Lester, 31, of Boynton Beach (Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office / January 24, 2013)

Deputies have charged another Boynton Beach man with using stolen prescription pads to get Oxycodone pills in Palm Beach County.

Henery Lester, 31, now stands charged with drug trafficking.

Lester was one of 45 people recently charged with trafficking after (more…)

Boynton Beach couple charged with trafficking – Sun-Sentinel

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies say Kayla and Ricky Ramsey combined their efforts and duped at least two Boynton Beach pharmacies out more than 100 Oxycodone pills.

Married in 2010, the couple now stands charged with trafficking Oxycodone, according to a Sheriff’s Office report.

The road to the couple’s arrest began on Sept. 19, when Kayla Ramsey, 24, called the CVS pharmacy (more…)