Why marijuana is considered more dangerous than oxycodone – Palm Beach Post

Drugs are classified by the federal government into five categories, or schedules, mainly ranked on their potential for abuse. (Remember, pot continues to be illegal under federal law no matter what happens in November). Marijuana, a Schedule I, is considered one of the most dangerous drugs with potentially severe psychological or physical dependence and having no acceptable medical use. Here are (more…)

Tennessee woman arrested for prescription fraud in Rossville – walkermessenger

A Tennessee woman was arrested for trying to obtain drugs with a forged prescription at a Rossville pharmacy.

According to Rossville Police Department reports:

Patricia Henderson of Burdette Road in Birchwood, Tenn., was arrested at Longley’s Pharmacy on Aug. 6 at 4 p.m. after trying to purchase oxycodone by adding it to a prescription.

The pharmacist had verified with the prescribing doctor that the (more…)

Gaston man Michael Richardson said he robbed drug store…

A Gaston County man turned himself in to police and told detectives he doesn’t remember walking into a pharmacy and stealing two bottles of oxycodone pills.

Belmont Police said Michael Richardson of Mount Holly walked into police headquarters on Tuesday and confessed, saying he was under the influence of Ambien and didn’t remember committing the crime.

Police said Richardson walked into a Belmont Walgreens (more…)