Md. Woman Faces Stiff Prison Sentence for Role in Oxycodone Ring

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ALEXANDRIA, VA — A Maryland woman faces up to 20 years in prison for her role in a drug ring that illegally obtained about 130,000 oxycodone pills and sold them in Virginia and neighboring states.

On Monday, a federal jury in Alexandria convicted Roxanne Granberry, 35, of Hughesville, Md., on charges of conspiracy to distribute oxycodone and obtaining oxycodone by fraud, according to Dana Boente, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. Oxycodone is an opioid pain medication that can be highly addictive.

According to court records and evidence at trial, Roxanne Granberry and her husband, William Granberry, created fraudulent prescriptions and used drug runners in pharmacies in Virginia and other states to obtain thousands of oxycodone tablets, Boente said.

The Granberrys “recruited individuals to drive to pharmacies and pass the prescriptions, and also engaged in direct sale and distribution of the oxycodone to numerous buyers in Virginia and other states,” said a statement from Boente’s office.

Thirteen other members of the drug ring have been convicted, according to Boente. Under sentencing guidelines, Granberry faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison when she’s sentenced on Sept. 16 by U.S. District Judge Anthony Trenga.

This case is part of Operation Circuit Breaker, an effort by the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) to stop the illegal procurement and sale of prescription pain medication across the mid-Atlantic region and elsewhere, according to Boente’s office. The effort focused on Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Connecticut, Alabama, Tennessee, West Virginia and Washington, D.C.

The OCDETF is a federal multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional task force that supplies funds to federal and state agencies involved in the investigation and prosecution of major drug trafficking organizations

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Md. Woman Faces Stiff Prison Sentence for Role in Oxycodone Ring

3 thoughts on “Md. Woman Faces Stiff Prison Sentence for Role in Oxycodone Ring”

  1. I don’t care if someone uses this in court, but my mother is not a drug dealer. She has worked hard for all of her life just to support my brother and I. The government are just trying to make it seem like they are correct, but they know that they are wrong. I may only be 11, but I understand this situation way too much to stand by and let my mother’s reputation be ruined by some liars. It is B to the S that she has sold any drugs whatsoever. If you people want to believe something this incorrect, there must be something wrong.

    1. They have four criminals trying to lie to get less time. I believe if you think of the situation differently, then you will see what I mean.

  2. News update………….. Roxanne Granberry had all charges dismissed and prosecutors if truth be known bullied and threatened witnesses into saying things that were just lies. One prosecutor retired early for things he said to witnesses but his time is coming with the ethics board………. you can read the truth about the federal prosecutors in the up coming articles if they let them be published.

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