A doctor who was fraudulently prescribing oxycodone for his own use has had … -…

A DOCTOR with a secret oxycodone addiction who prescribed himself the drug in the names of other people without their knowledge has had his registration cancelled.

Dr Van Dijk admitted to having used the oxycodone that he had prescribed to two women with whom he was in a close personal relationship on 94 separate occasions — one was his wife and the other her sister.

The Northern Territory Health Professional Review Tribunal reprimanded Dr Daniel Van Dijk, removed his name from the register and banned him from reapplying for registration for nine months.

It was found the doctor “fabricated consultations and injuries” to justify prescribing the restricted Schedule 8 drug to the woman, identified as Ms A, on 77 separate occasions between June 2007 and November 2010.

He also prescribed the drug to the woman’s sister on 17 occasions between December 2008 and February 2010.

The issue first came to the attention of authorities in 2010 when a nurse made a complaint about the doctor’s conduct.

After first being asked to respond to the claims in 2011 Mr Van Dijk said in an email the nurse had made “false complaints” about him and she would not be working with him in the future.

He also lied about having a wife saying “I remember the patient concerned and she is certainly not my wife nor do I know her socially”.

He continued lying to the board even after he was shown a marriage certificate in November 2012 proving his intimate relationship with the woman he was prescribing the highly addictive drugs to.



In 2013, at a medical board hearing, he admitted to using the drug but said he had only taken “one or two” of Ms A’s drugs “if I needed them”.

He was asked during the hearing if he had a problem with the drug he said “no, not then” he was then asked “When?” and responded that he had been taking the drugs when he was working as doctor in WA after he had some dental work done and needed it for pain management.

Mr Van Dijk finally owned up that he had been prescribing the drugs fraudulently for his own use on the morning of the tribunal’s scheduled hearing on August 21 2014.

Despite Mr Van Dijk’s claims that he had been free from drugs since March 2014 the tribunal found no independent evidence to support this.

In his submission to the tribunal he said he was eager to get back to work and “own the drug issue” and “make a positive out of a negative”.

He will be elgible to reapply for registration on July 28 2015.

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A doctor who was fraudulently prescribing oxycodone for his own use has had … -…

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