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Shocking revelations about oxycodone, which is a commonly used opioid painkiller, have emerged during the Overdose Awareness Day held on Sunday. As per the report released by National Coronial Information Systems, oxycodone has even surpassed notorious drug heroine with respect to being the deadliest opioid drug in Australia.

During the span of five years from 2007 to 2011, more than 3000 title=”View all articles about deaths here”>deaths have been recorded due to overdose on this opioid-based prescription medicine. This number has surpassed the deaths caused in the same span of time by heroin overdose.¬†As per the report, about three quarters of all opioid drug deaths are results of an overdose, particularly when these drugs were taken with other deadly narcotics and/or alcohol.

The acting CEO of Penington Institute, Wendy Dodd, shared some serious concerns with Herald Sun.com over these revelations. Penington Institute is a non-profit organization, which works closely with the issue of problematic drugs. “Heroin deaths appear to be declining which is great news, but pharmaceutical overdoses are rising alongside spiralling prescription rates,” she said.

Oxycodone is commonly used as a pain killer. It is a kind of narcotic pain medication. Another potentially dangerous medical drug identified is Fentanyl. It is available under the brand names Actiq, Duragesic, Lazanda and Sublimaze. This drug is mainly given to patients experiencing moderate to severe pain and who are already on opioid medications.

International Overdose Awareness Day is a global affair, which happens every year on August 31. It aims to raise the awareness of drug overdose and its fatal effects.

Some of the points discussed in relation to oxycodone and other opioid drugs are mentioned in the following:

  • As per the data provided to Penington institute by Australian Bureau of Statistics, deaths are occurring every day due to drug overdose in Australia.
  • Overdoses even out-numbered the road fatalities in 2012. As per the statistics, overdose deaths totalled 1,427 in 2012, while road deaths, which have been steadily declining, ended the year at 1,338.
  • Oceania, which includes Australia and New Zealand, has a higher than the world average drug mortality rate. The UNODC said there were between 1,600 and 1,900 drug-related deaths in 2012.

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Overdose Of Prescription Drug Oxycodone Even Deadlier Than Heroin – International Business…

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