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imageUpdated: Monday, April 28 2014, 07:54 AM EDT
News 13 has obtained new reports filed with the North Carolina‘s Health and Human Services Department that confirm what sources have already reported to News 13 about missing Oxycodone at Emerald Ridge Nursing Home in Woodfin.

In what are titled 24-Hour Initial reports from March 29, 2014, Emerald Ridge Rehab and Care, is cited in eleven separate cases with reports on at least two patients, who were victims of “Diversion of Resident drugs” or drugs they were prescribed that went missing.  A spokeswoman for the Emerald Ridge told News 13 no patients were harmed by any missing medication. A former employee fired during all staff drug testings tells News 13 five people were fired following revelations of the missing oxycodone in March.

A report written by the Emerald Ridge Executive Director, Thomas Hager, sent to Health and Human Services, said interviews with patients well enough to talk, indicated there were no issues, or pain or illness as a result of missing medications they were prescribed. Hager’s report states registered nurse, Stephanie Angel, and certified registered nurse, Jennifer McKinney  who worked at the Emerald Ridge “had reordered medication unnecessarily.” The report goes on to say “narcotic medications had been missing with a pattern that coincides with Ms. Angel’s and Ms. McKinney’s schedules along with particular medication carts that they were assigned to work.”

Stephanie Angel spoke to News 13 Saturday, saying she’s innocent and wants her name cleared. She says her drug tests came back negative.

“I am innocent,” said Angel.  “I have not done anything wrong, I have not taken anything from the building or from the residents.”

Angel goes on to say, “I was in charge, but I’m telling you, I don’t know who, what, when, where.”

Ms. McKinney told News 13 by phone that she is innocent and plans to sue the nursing home for discrimination and wrongful termination. She said she had no part in stolen medicines. McKinney said her supervisor at Emerald Ridge had confirmed what News 13 has learned from another source, that between 1000 and 2000 pills have gone missing at the home. A spokeswoman for Emerald Ridge would not give details on how many patients had missing medication or how many pills went missing.

“I’ve been told there was Oxycodone, Ambien and maybe Xanax that was stolen,” said McKinney.

Woodfin Police are conducting a criminal investigation but there have been no charges filed.

McKinney said two Woodfin detectives interviewed her Thursday. She said, they asked her if she would take a polygraph test. She tells News 13 she would, and that she didn’t steal the pills from Emerald Ridge where said she’s worked for the past 15 years.

by Kimberly King
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UPDATE: Oxycodone Missing

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Oxycodone Missing – WLOS

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