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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A man robbed a Myrtle Beach pharmacy early Tuesday morning. Myrtle Beach Police say the man made off with more than 200 pills of oxycodone.

Police responded to the armed robbery at the CVS Pharmacy in the 1300 block of 38th Avenue North at about 12:40 a.m. Tuesday.

A witness told police a man placed a note on the pharmacy counter demanding oxycodone. The pharmacist told the man he had to reach under the counter to get the pills, but the suspect cut him off and said, “No scene.”

The pharmacist told police he handed the suspect about 214 30mg oxycodone pills and two oxycodone 5mg pills, with an approximate value of $290. Myrtle Beach Police officers told WMBF News the street value would be approximately $1,000 and up for that particular amount stolen.

Witnesses described the suspect as a white man, about 6′ tall, with a thin build, reddish-brown hair and a “scruffy” thin goatee and moustache. He was last seen wearing a blue shirt with a long shirt underneath, a white ball cap, dark blue jeans, and gray shoes.

Delana Green is a Pharmacist with Rivertown Pharmacy in Conway. She said in the last seven years prescription pills abuse and thefts have gotten out of control, “we’re kind of the prescription pill police anymore and it’s become a very trying situation.”

Green was robbed twice while on the job in her 20 year experience. Both times she was working at a retail store and not in South Carolina. Green said handing over the drugs no matter what is how pharmacists are trained, “That’s what you do, you protect the customers in the store and both times that’s what we did. But I know how it feels to be in that situation when someone tells you they want something, and you have to give it and you don’t know if they’re going to stop.”

Green said for everyone walking in and out of pharmacies to pay attention and alert staff if they notice anything out of the ordinary.

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RAW VIDEO: Man takes over 200 oxycodone pills from pharmacy – WMBF

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