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Tallahassee, Florida – Florida used to be known as the Oxy-Express because it was so easy to get powerful pain medications from many pain clinics here, often called pill mills.

So Florida launched a crackdown on pill mills last year. Police arrested hundreds of people including doctors, who were improperly prescribing prescription drugs such as Oxycodone.

But now that crackdown has gone too far, according to a group of protesters who rallied outside the state Capitol on Wednesday.

They say fewer doctors and pharmacies are filling prescriptions for pain medications so now it’s hard for legitimate patients to get the prescription drugs they need to cope with chronic, severe pain.

They held up signs that read, “Stop the Pain” and “Ease the suffering of legitimate pain patients.”

Donna Ratcliff is leading a group called the Fight for Pain Care Action Network. She hopes future state leaders will focus on the issue.

“It went overboard with the pill mills. Legitimate pain patients are suffering so we really need for them to step up and tell us is there any one of them that is gone to resolve this with a solution so we can find a way to make it more balanced for everyone.”

Earlier this year Gov. Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi celebrated the results of Florida’s crackdown on pill mills over the past year.

Scott said drug strike force teams had removed a half million pills from the streets, made more than 2,000 arrests and helped Florida become a role model for the nation against prescription drug abuse.

Dave Heller

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Protesters: pill mill crackdown goes too far – WTSP 10 News

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  1. How do I join I have spent 640 in fuel in the last 2 Mountbatten trying to fill my oxygen mid Mountbatten & my wife’s at the end of the Mountbatten makeing 40 to 60 stops at pharmacies for a 95% chance of getting our messages. We are way Logitech & long standind same doctor”bourd certified.” My # is 813-340- one057 email wont work I have 20 people that should join &fight for this cause

  2. No E-mail my 20 friends & myself want to help, we experience similar harasments & are led to dayly call DAmian at 813-340-10fifty7

    1. This is rediculess that one or two bad eggs can crack the rest,I also have had same problems and dont think it’s right for everyone to suffer my number. 859 462 two one five five and also have lots of fiend and family whom have been effected

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