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Lakeland, Florida– PCSO narcotics detectives arrested a Polk County pharmacist for Trafficking in Prescription Drugs after an undercover officer was able to purchase 80 Oxycontin pills for $1,540.

It began when the PCSO undercover detective reportedly took a prescription written for 30 Oxycontin pills, 60 mg each, to the Med Express Rx pharmacy off of Shepherd Road in Lakeland.

That prescription, along with another blank one, was signed by a local dentist working in cooperation with detectives.

Upon arrival to the pharmacy, the undercover detective handed the prescription to the pharmacist, 35-year-old Ashish Patel of Valrico, and asked him to change the prescription to Oxycodone. 

The undercover detective also filled in a blank, signed prescription for 30 Oxycodone 30 mg pills. 

Although Patel reportedly made several comments about how unusual it was for a dentist to write those prescriptions, and also noted that the handwriting on the prescription filled out by the detective was different, he agreed to negotiate. 

The negotiation resulted in Patel agreeing to sell her 70 Oxycodone 30 mg pills for $1000 cash- 50 pills that day, and 20 pills the following day, reports say.

When the officer returned the following day, Patel asked for $540 more, with the promise of giving her 10 additional pills. 

The undercover detective paid Patel a total of $1540 for 80 pills.

During the negotiation, officials say Patel asked the detective to roll her car windows down so he could see if she was alone, and also asked her if she was a law enforcement officer.

The transactions of Oxycodone pills took place at the pharmacy anyway, just 1,000 feet away from a day care facility.

Detectives placed Ashish Patel under arrest and charged him with one count Trafficking in Oxycodone, one count Sale of Oxycodone Within 1,000 Feet of Child Care Facility, one count Possession of Oxycodone Within 1,000 Feet of Child Care Facility and one count Maintaining Structure for Trafficking.

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pharmacist arrested for Trafficking Oxycodone – WTSP 10 News

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