Lengthy Undercover Investigation Results In Dozens Of Rx Drug Arrests – News Channel 7

An eight-month investigation has resulted in dozens of arrest warrants being issued in Spartanburg County for the illegal sale of prescription drugs.

Forty-one people are facing drug related charges following the undercover sting, according to Sheriff Chuck Wright.

Wright held a news conference Tuesday to make the announcement.

Sheriff Wright says the arrest round-up is just the beginning. And his office plans to continue pursuing prescription drug dealers.

We checked with The Phoenix Center, a rehab program in Greenville. The center told us prescription drugs are a growing problem.

“We’re seeing more and more folks come into our center for opioid addiction,” said Mike mclain with The Phoenix Center. “Many times that includes drugs like Lortab, Hydrocondone, Oxycodone.”

The sheriff says the problem of the illegal selling and abuse of prescription drugs may not be the largest drug problem facing the county, but it is still an issue that harms people and ruins lives.

“We are trying to pinpoint some of these doctors who over-prescribe to some of these folks,” said Sheriff Wright.

Wright says some doctors over-prescribe on purpose and others have good intentions. But he’s looking for both. The Phoenix Center says it’s all about educating doctors.

“Also look for less addictive drugs and shorter durations,” said Mclain.

So far, 34 of the 41 suspects have been arrested for selling or abusing medications such as Lortab, Oxycodone and Xanax.

Officials say the remaining seven suspects will be off the streets in the coming days.

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Lengthy Undercover Investigation Results In Dozens Of Rx Drug Arrests – News Channel 7

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