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Last week the DEA and Seattle Police Department announced the collective bust of a large oxycodone dealing operation that stretched from California to Seattle. Twenty-four people were arrested as part of the take down, which came after a two-year investigation.
As the post notes:

“Prescription drug abuse is a growing threat in our community, with terrible consequences,” Durkan said in a statement distributed to the media. “This drug ring was feeding addiction with thousands of pills trafficked from California. They lined their pockets by destroying the lives and families of so many in our community.”

While it’s tough to argue with the bust of a large-scale oxycodone ring, one commenter – who professes experience with the drug – says it’s no surprise that criminals are drawn to selling it illegally.
BlametheDEA writes:

The Dea along with people that have no control over their medication, those that were getting relief from Oxycontin can no longer get it prescribed. It is not a pain reliever of choice as it is horrible to get off of after lengthy use. A few months of proper use and I lived pain free. Once the “pill mills”, crooked doctors and others got a wiff of the cash it all ended. Many of those Drs will never practice again and the pain sufferers will continue to suffer. If it say 1 pill 2 times a day don’t crush and snort 10 then wonder why you are out of medicine. Of course illegal distribution will pop up, California probably means they came from south of the border. There is help for addiction, good luck once it is way beyond control. Your body will take a year or more to recover.

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Comment of the Day: The Pain of Not Having Oxycodone – Seattle Weekly (blog)

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