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One of the most abused prescription drugs in the US, Oxycodone is a strong pain reliever that can cause euphoria and sedate you. ~~~~—————————————————————…

Fears raised of heroin epidemic in UK as use of painkiller oxycodone rise – International…

2011 moneyball

Philip Seymour Hoffman was allegedly addicted to using a mixture of oxycodone and heroin(Reuters)

A thinktank is claiming that Britain could succumb to a new heroin crisis, after releasing figures showing that prescriptions of an opioid-based painkiller have risen substantially here.

Oxycodone is an opioid derived from thebaine, which in turn is extracted from opium poppies. It was developed in Germany during the (more…)

Sharp rise in ‘hillbilly heroin’ painkiller prescriptions could lead to … – Daily Mail

  • Prescriptions of addictive painkiller oxycodone soared in recent years
  • It was prescribed more than a million times in England last year
  • Known as ‘hillbilly heroin’ because of abuse in rural areas of the US 
  • Fears it could see people switch to heroin as it is easier and cheaper to buy